Will the Smartphone Eventually Replace the Film Camera

The idea of using a smart phone to make a movie would have seemed ridiculous even 4-5 years ago however things are changing very quickly. Recently there was a film made using nothing but a Samsung S8 smartphone camera – and the results were fairly impressive. While it may not be something that would be used for movie scenes right now – since the cinema screen is quite large and when you put a video recorded on a smartphone on it – then it may become a bit more visible.

However the general effect is very impressive.

Most people think that smartphone videos aren’t that good only due to the fact that when they use it – it’s usually in low light conditions with not a lot of support infrastructure behind them (lighting etc.) to get the best possible effect. They don’t realise that if you took a regular camera and put it in the same conditions that people put their smartphones in to take photos the effects would be very similar.

The reality is that the newest generation of smart phones have cameras that are getting closer and closer to the real thing – and soon – with the correct lighting you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Technology is becoming more and more democratic – and soon anyone will be able to create a cinema quality movie with very limited technological resources.

This opens up the field to have better and better content delivered right to our fingertips.

This is a trend that we are watching very carefully – we are looking to change our focus on traditional film cameras and switch to not only digital cameras – but smaller digital cameras that can still deliver that bang for buck.

As we move over to this new system we would like to thank silk wood medical for helping us put together this website and our store – and for providing the initial liquidity funding to get it started. We hope to work with them in the future – as they are a great Australian brand.

Finally we will be updating this blog with all the new equipment that starts to hit our shelves – so you can see how our purchasing strategy finally takes effect and ensures that you get the best product possible.

We hope to see you back on our site soon!